International congress 2020

In order to promote the Encyclopedia internationally and to integrate the Romanian research involved in its drafting in international research, the ROMIMAG program provided for the organization in June 2020 of the fourth Congress of CRI2i. So far, CRI2i has organized three international congresses, the one in Cluj-Napoca will be the fourth. The organization included the following stages: – Launch of the Call, with the theme “Imaginaires de l’identité. Auto-images et rappresentations de soi ”, on the CRI2i communication network and other platforms (, Fabula). The proposed research directions are: Identité et imaginaire (theories, concepts and methods); Imaging: self-images and hetero-images; Historical imaginaries (historical narratives, places of memory, etc.); Geographic imaginaries; Social and political imaginaries (nationalist policies, etc.); Religious imaginaries (Christianity, Islam, non-European myths, Buddhism, Taoism, etc.); Literary, artistic, cinematic, new media, etc .; Everyday imaginaries; Biographical psychology, autobiography; Postcolonialism and cultural studies. – Receipt of communication proposals. A total of 89 proposals were received (title, abstract and short CV). – The selection committee, composed of Jean-Jacques Wunenburger, Ana Tais Martins and Corin Braga selected a number of 69 works as follows: 61 from abroad and 8 from Romania (to which are added the 5 coordinators of ROMIMAG volumes). – Due to the pandemic, it was postponed for the period 12-14 November 2020. Due to the restrictions related to the pandemic (travel difficulties, quarantine for some foreigners, the online school organized at most faculties in UBB), the congress took place between 12 -14 November 2020, in online format, through the Zoom platform. – The works proposed for the congress were sent to the coordinators of the magazine Echinox Notebooks, in final form, respecting the style sheet, at the end of 2020. – In 2021 some of the research presented at the congress have already been edited and published in the first volume of the Notebooks Echinox (WoS magazine, ERIH +), at Mega Print publishing house. The first volume, 40/2021, with the subtitle Identités collectives, appeared in June 2021, ISSN 1582-960X (Romania), DOI: 10.24193 / cechinox.2021.40 (details on its content can be found in the report for the fourth stage project: 2021). The second volume, 41/2021, with a deadline of October 2021, is entitled Identités individuelles and chapters 1. Identity from a philosophical perspective, 2. Identity and literature, 3. Identity and the arts. In the second volume will also appear a presentation of the 5 volumes of the Encyclopedia, in French. In this way, the Romanian research in the field of imaginary will benefit from an advertisement through a publication that is indexed ISI, ERIH +, UEFISCDI A and ANVUR (Italy) and is disseminated, in addition to the printed circulation (copies are sent through the Lucian Blaga Library at about 60 libraries around the world), and electronically, on the platforms of international databases such as CEEOL, EBSCO, Fabula, etc.