Project 1

The Romanian heritage and linguistic imaginary

The first ROMIMAG project explores the Romanian Heritage and Linguistic Imaginary. The team of researchers addresses Romanian language as an essential element in defining national and group identity and as an important tool for preserving the “immaterial”, spiritual, heritage of a community. The research combines in an innovative way two perspectives on the language, the patrimonial and the linguistic imaginary in order to reveal the most important stages of the Romanian language, as well as some of the representations on it. It will provide a comprehensive historical synopsis on cross imaginary streams that go beyond the classical interpretations of language facts, opening up new ways of analysis.

List of articles

Biserica de lemn din Ieud Deal, judeţul Maramureş

Biserica de lemn din Ieud Deal, judeţul Maramureş. Pictură interioară: dracul

Biserica de lemn din Budeşti-Josani (secolul al XVII‑lea), judeţul Maramureş

Vâltoare – Dragomireşti, judeţul Maramureş

Negreia, judeţul Maramureş. Scară la podul şurii